The Legacy

From 2001 to 2006 the range editor of Lethbridge-Stewart ran a popular Doctor Who fan fiction series called The Legacy, which features two all-new Doctors in a universe without Gallifrey, one in which the Doctor never stuck around to work with UNIT in the 1970s/1980s.

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From the foreword written in 2010…

“Millions of fans of Doctor Who cover our globe. Our minds have replayed the heroic exploits of our favourite Time Lord since 1963, from television through novels and comic books. Among these fans, some have dared to further the tales of the Doctor, penning new adventures, creating strange worlds, filling them with nightmarish or wonderful creatures, and giving us a chance to tag along with old companions. The best of these combined adventure with intriguing notions of the future, mixing the comic with the tragic, making us gasp and guffaw at quick turns, bringing smiles… and the occasional tear.

“Along with new worlds, some writers have given us new companions. And during the programme’s hiatus as a regular series, some authors, and indeed some actors, have regenerated our Doctor past his seventh or eighth personas, always biding their time, until the BBC regained their senses and went back into regular production with their own, official, ninth Doctor.

“During this time, a small group of writers, led by Andy Frankham-Allen, saw another avenue for the Doctor. Perhaps spun from their own sense of loss, from the abrupt cancellation of Doctor Who from the airwaves, from the uncertainty of his possible return, the Frankham-Allen team wrote of a Doctor whose known existence would not only be at risk – it would be obliterated.

“But the Doctor would always be The Doctor, yes? Even at the worst of times, he could regenerate. We had seen him regenerate seven times already.

“Indeed, under Frankham-Allen, travelling through Time has never been messier. And being The Doctor is no longer a guarantee of Good triumphing over Evil, of success, even of survival.

“What if the Doctor hadn’t regenerated those seven times? What if even his erratic, convoluted time-line fell victim to his greatest enemy’s plans? What if the Doctor’s time-line was thrown off course? What then of all those civilisations he had saved, of all those wrongs he had set aright, of history itself?


“Your favourite uncle suddenly disappears. Your favourite holiday destination blinks out of existence. That turning point in history skips by without ever occurring. In fact, you yourself stand on the precipice of annihilation.

“A hundred people gone. A few thousands. Several millions. An entire race winks out of History. A planet. Now, each and every choice has dire consequences. Or, perhaps each choice always did, but now the ramifications take mere moments to emerge rather than years. And the slightest misstep can begin the onslaught of irrevocable disaster.

“Much better to leave things as they are and to tread carefully.

“Much less trepidation to simply spin-off a new story rather than tinker with the old.”


We’re happy to present it here, almost in its entirety for your enjoyment. Completely FREE!

1.0 – Requiem Revised

2.1 – Shadows Revised

2.2 – Cost of War Revised

3.1 – Ruins Revised

3.2 – Aftermath

3.3 – Unhappy Endings

4.1 – Time and The Doctor

4.2 – Furies from the Deep

4.3 – The Dommervoy Masterplan

5.0 – Night Before Home

5.1 – In Nomine

5.2 – Degradation

Coming soon – revised and updated, the finale of the series, Judgement Day, which includes a bonus novella never previously released. The Prophecy by David Blauvelt.