Introducing to the World…

IMG_1776As you all know, a couple of month’s ago Candy Jar Books released Moon Blink, the debut novel of Sadie Miller.

Now, how does one top a debut novel? Sadie knows how. Give birth to your first child.

And that’s precisely what Sadie did (with a little help from husband, actor Jonathan Stanley). Sadie had been kind enough to authorise us to reveal details, and share with you the first picture of her son.

So, with amazing pleasure, we introduce you to Theo Stanley, son of Sadie and Jonathan Stanley, and grandson of Brian Miller and Elisabeth Sladen. He was born on Saturday 25th June, at 5:35 am, weighing 7.5lbs.

So, please join us in welcoming bat-baby, Theo, to the world! Huge congratulations to both Sadie and Jonathan!image1

Raising a child isn’t cheap, so please help out by picking up a copy of Sadie’s novel, Moon Blink, still available individually or part of the new bundle.