Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer

p02b58p3Here is it, finally after months of waiting the BBC have released the exciting trailer for series 9, which includes a transmission date. Among other treats, series 9 promises the return of the Brigadier’s old enemies the Zygons (who he encountered in the 1975 adventure, Terror of the Zygons), and, of course, his daughter Kate Lethbridge-Stewart returns with UNIT!


One Cold Step… For Free!

We’ve locked David A McIntee in a room to finish The Schizoid Earth undisturbed; in the meantime, we at Candy Jar Books offer you a free short story to set the scene… The story is set during The Schizoid Earth, and the days leading up to it, and features the return of both Anne Travers and her father, Professor Edward Travers, who has not been seen since 1968’s The Web of Fear.

In The Forgotten Son Anne Travers was last seen at the engagement party of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally Wright, and there she explained that she had to return to work at the Vault. While there, Lethbridge-Stewart also learned that Professor Travers was planning a return visit to the monastery at Det-Sen, only another member of the Travers’ family has something to say about that…

Download it HERE on pdf. (Subscribers to Top Secret Files will receive it by email automatically.)


Step Back in Time

How about a little trip back in time, to February 1968? We’re happy to share with you a few clippings from Radio Times, which talked about The Web of Fear, building the London Underground in the studio, and a few words from Tina Packer who played Anne Travers…

29762 29760 1968-03_London_Transport


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**With thanks to Simon Meade

UNIT: The Series, Characters Announced

1620381_1067252639970584_3817572838332947532_nThe big news today comes from our friends over at Big Finish Productions. They’ve unveiled the new team to feature in their series of audio dramas that focus on the continued adventures of the modern UNIT, an organisation originally headed by Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from 1969 to 1989. This new team is lead by Kate Lethbridge-Stewart as played by Jemma Redgrave, the daughter of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, who has appeared several times over the last few years of Doctor Who. She is joined by Ingrid Oliver’s very popular scientist Osgood, who was killed last year by Missy (the Master) in Death in Heaven. Both characters make a return in the forthcoming series nine, transmitted later this year on BBC One, before the UNIT series is launched at the end of the year by Big Finish.

For the full story on this exiting new series, visit the Big Finish news page HERE.

Doctor Who Magazine #487

10628500_1042832985757173_2792274507980183194_nThe latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (issue #487) is now out! Why are we telling you this? For two reasons. One, it features a lovely feature by Steve Lyons about the various alien invasions of Earth in the Doctor Who universe — a topic about which the creators of the Lethbridge-Stewart series has had many discussions, set as the series is in a world before the majority of these ninety-two invasions (so far!). Over the course of our series we’ll be adding to this number. But what counts as an invasion? It’s something Lyons looks at, and well worth a read.

The second reason for us to draw your attention to the latest issue of the magazine is because our very first book (and, thus far, only available title, The Forgotten Son) get the DWM Review treatment. And what a sterling review it is. Mark Wright, the co-author on some the best Big Finish audio dramas (including the brilliant Forge series of stories), says this about the book; ‘Andy Frankham-Allen has provided a solid start to this series, his prose switching easily from character and action. He’s done a clever job of depicting characters and properties belonging to the estates of Haisman and Lincoln, while blowing discreet kisses to Doctor Who‘s past and even present. The Yeti, advancing webs and explosions, all lead to a very satisfying climax…’

Details on how to order The Forgotten Son can be found HERE, along with the option to pre-order the rest of our first ‘season’ of novels, including the upcoming book, The Schizoid Earth by David A McIntee.

Whatever Happened to… Anne Travers

Anne Travers, the forthright scientist daughter of Professor Edward Travers, first appeared in The Web of Fear, the creation of writers Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln and based on Haisman’s wife, Vina. Anne was brought to life by actress Tina Packer. She made quite an impact on Doctor Who and, one can reasonably assume, the formation of UNIT, especially at the outset of the Pertwee years. The character of Liz Shaw certainly owes a lot to Anne Travers. With such a strong character, and the future return of Lethbridge-Stewart assisted by a smart female scientist, it’s a wonder why Anne Travers never returned to Doctor Who. Her only substantial return was in the novel Millennial Rites, set on the cusp of the year 2000, which saw her as the respected Dame Anne OBE. So, what happened to her after The Web of Fear? We know that four years later she was back in America with her father, his house being looked after by his old friend Professor Watkins. So, what happened in between? Readers of The Forgotten Son will already know she was retained by the British army, and sent to work in a secret vault in Northumberland. She returned to assist Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart against the Great Intelligence in Bledoe, and was last seen briefly at Lethbridge-Stewart’s engagement party.

She’s due to make a return in the next two Lethbridge-Stewart novels, The Schizoid Earth and Beast of Fang Rock (the latter of which is all about Anne and her family), with her becoming the co-lead of the series next year! Until then, why not take a peek at her stats HERE, and read a little extract below (and learn a little more about the origin of the Vault*)…



*first seen in The Scales of Injustice and used with kind permission of Gary Russell

Whatever Happened to… Harold Chorley

tve14908-98-19680210-0Ever wondered what happened to Harold Chorley after The Web of Fear? According to one source, the short story ‘Still Lives‘, he went on to host a talk-show called Chorley’s People in the 1970s. Beyond that, what do we know? Nothing. Until now. In the Top Secret Files eBook we offer you the original opening chapter of The Forgotten Son which is set mere months before the death of Sir Alistair, and in that we discover that Chorley has been a large part of the Brigadier’s life since something called ‘Dominex’. But where did it begin? There’s no sign of him in The Forgotten Son, indeed Lethbridge-Stewart doesn’t think of him even once. Well, we’re pleased to tell you that Harold Chorley will be returning in his new semi-regular role, searching for the missing Lethbridge-Stewart, in The Schizoid Earth. He’ll follow that with Beast of Fang Rock and Mutually Assured Domination. Until the next book is released, why not have a read of an exclusive extract from Beast of Fang Rock that will give you a few clues as to what Chorley has been up to since the London Event…

Read it HERE!

And discover some biographical details (which may include a clue or two) HERE.