A Brief History of the Lethbridge-Stewarts PDF DOWNLOAD

The Forgotten Son – Deleted Scenes PDF DOWNLOAD (contains spoilers!)

Beast of Fang Rock — Deleted Scenes & Original Notes PDF DOWNLOAD (contains spoilers!)

Times Squared — Prologue PDF DOWNLOAD

Blood of Atlantis — Prologue PDF DOWNLOAD

Audio reviews from our friends at Traveling the Vortex:



The Forgotten Son – SPOILER Review LISTEN HERE

The Schizoid Earth – Non-Spoiler Review LISTEN HERE

The Schizoid Earth – SPOILER Review LISTEN HERE (featuring reviews of The Ambush, Legacies and One Cold Step)

Beast of Fang Rock – Non-Spoiler Review LISTEN HERE

Beast of Fang Rock – SPOILER Review LISTEN HERE (featuring review of The Cult of the Grinning Man and an interview with editor, Andy Frankham-Allen)

Mutually Assured Domination – Non-Spoiler Review LISTEN HERE

Mutually Assured Domination – SPOILER Review LISTEN HERE (featuring review of The Dogs of War)

The Fright Before Christmas – Special SPOILER Review LISTEN HERE

The HAVOC Files – SPOILER review LISTEN HERE (featuring reviews for In His Kiss, The Black Eggs of Khufu and The Enfolded Time. Andy Frankham-Allen also joins the lads to discuss UNIT dating)

Moon Blink – SPOILER review LISTEN HERE (featuring review of The Lock-In)

The Showstoppers – SPOILER review LISTEN HERE (featuring review of The Band of Evil)

The Grandfather Infestation – SPOILER review COMING SOON (featuring review of The Playing Dead)





4 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. Thank you for the freebies. Blimey,i bought 4 books and got files,shorts and biography. Thank you so much

    best wishes

    bryan simcott


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