Open Submission For Limited Period

Ever fancied writing for the Lethbridge-Stewart range? Well, now’s your chance.

For a limited period, Candy Jar Books are opening their short story range to everybody (as long as you’ve never written for the series before). All you have to do is send a one line idea, and a short story you’ve written (any short story, as long as it’s a finished piece), so the editors can gauge your writing ability.

To submit visit Candy Jar Books. The open submissions close on April 29th.

All pitches will be answered, regardless of acceptance.

Please continue reading below…

What we are not looking for:

  • The inclusion of UNIT.
  • The inclusion of any Doctor Who monsters/companions/characters not already part of the Lethbridge-Stewart range. (This includes Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Group Captain Ian Gilmore, the Rutan Host, and Adrienne Kramer.)
  • Nation-wide alien invasions in front of the general public/news media.
  • Time travel stories featuring the Brig, pre-Mawdryn Undead.
  • Alien planet stories featuring the Brig, pre-The Three Doctors.
  • The Dominators and/or Quarks.
  • The Great Intelligence and/or Yeti.

What we are looking for:

  • At least one of our four main characters must take lead (with notable exceptions below). These four are: Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Miss/Doctor Anne Travers, 2nd Lieutenant Bill Bishop, RSM Samson Ware.
  • Harold Chorley, Gwynfor Evans, Professor Travers may take lead if the story is right.
  • Our popular semi-regulars may make an appearance. These are: Larry Greene, Charlie Redfern, Lance Corporal Sally Wright, Lieutenant Colonel Walter Douglas, Owain Vine.
  • If set in England or Wales, 2 Battalion will be sent out. They are stationed at Imber, Salisbury. Under the command of Captain Younghusband, with Evans as a key NCO. A list of available Corps members will be provided.
  • Time travel stories centred around our leads, excluding the Brig. (Will favour stories featuring Anne and Bishop in this regard.)
  • Alien worlds. As long as the Brig doesn’t visit them. (Will favour stories featuring Anne, Bishop, Evans, Younghusband, Professor Travers.)
  • The Brig’s entire timeline is open, even the UNIT era, as long as he’s not working with UNIT in your story.
  • Stories featuring our leads’ families. (The Brig has a big family [on both his mother and father’s sides], not just Kate and her two children. [If your initial idea involves his family, Andy will discuss with you their use before outline is submitted.])
  • Character-led stories, not plot-led. Plots serve the characters, not the other way around.
  • Stories that look at the pre-Web of Fear lives of our leads (such stories will require a decent working knowledge of our series).
  • Stories that take a look at what the Fifth Operational Corps, under the command of Brigadier Walter Douglas, was up to during the UNIT era. (Continuity details will be discussed if storyline is approved.)
  • First person perspective, ala Doctor Who and an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks, showing an outsider walking in to the mad world of the Corps.

Candy Jar is also looking for submissions for their forthcoming book that celebrate fifty years of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. What they’re looking for are articles covering any aspect of the Brigadier’s fifty-year history; a look at his UNIT days, a look at his appearances in other media, etc. If you have an idea, then visit Candy Jar Books to find out how to send it to them. There is no closing date currently, but one will be announced in due course.

All submissions will be answered, regardless of whether they are accepted.


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