Free Halloween Short Story!

coversmallCandy Jar Books is pleased to announce a brand new free story for Halloween!

Eve of the Fomorians by Robert Mammone will be given out free to everybody who pre-orders the forthcoming novel, Times Squared by Rick Cross.

Robert Mammone is no stranger to Doctor Who fiction, having penned several stories for fan fiction series, The Doctor Who Project, although this is his first foray into the world of Lethbridge-Stewart. He has also been published in Doctor Who Magazine, Darker Minds, Darkest Minds, Pseudopod, Midnight Echo, Winter Shivers, Ill at Ease 2 and Filthy Creations.

Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen, says: “I was already familiar with Rob’s work, so when he emailed us out of the blue asking if we would consider him for our Short Story Incentive scheme, I was very willing to give him a shot. And he just happened to enquire as we were about to seek out a story for Halloween.”

Robert says: “Once I knew it was going to be set around Halloween, I knew I wanted to do a Quatermass inspired story, with definite horrific elements, sourced back to a scientific explanation/basis.”

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar, says: “There is something very John Wyndham about the story, which I know Andy especially appreciates, as do a lot of our readers.”

This story is set shortly after Times Squared. Andy says: “Although you can easily read it without having read Times Squared, as it features Anne, Bishop and Samson who are not in that novel. Although it references Times Squared, it does so in a way that will not spoil that novel one bit. It also has a nice callback to the first novel of this year, Moon Blink. All that said, it is very deliberately written to be read on its own, with your feet up, candles lit and the rain lashing against the window.”

candy_jar_tsq_cover_smallTimes Squared, written by first-time novelist Rick Cross, takes place some eight months after The Web of Fear, transferring the Yeti from the London Underground to the underground network of New York. Shaun says: “I had the idea of the Yeti roaming through Times Square, plaguing the immense underground of New York. And by throwing in a bit of time travelling shenanigans, the title was an obvious one.”

The cover of Eve of the Fomorians is by another newcomer to the range, Paul Cooke. Andy continues: “Paul’s been asking me for a while, and so it was a case of finding the right story to test him on. And, in my opinion, he’s not only produced something that fits Rob’s story well, but it has a nice Midwich Cuckoos vibe to it.”

Eve of the Fomorians will be sent out to every person who pre-orders Times Squared (as a single book, or as part of our bundle/subscription offers) on Halloween.

Blurb: All Hallows’ Eve, 1969. En route back to Edinburgh, Anne Travers, William Bishop and Samson Ware come across a deserted village in the Scottish countryside. A village that is rotten to the core.

candy_jar_thf2_final_cover_smallTimes Squared can be pre-ordered individually, or as part of the Series 3 Bundle (both UK and overseas), which includes forthcoming novels, Blood of Atlantis by Simon A Forward, and Mind of Stone by Iain McLaughlin, or the subscription deal for those wishing to get six books for the price of five (UK only, covering the series three titles, plus the series four titles released early 2017)!

Pre-order directly from; Times Squared is due for release at the end of October.

The previously limited print-collection, The HAVOC Files, has also been released on Kindle. Buy it here

On top of all this, Candy Jar is also pleased to announce that The HAVOC Files 2 has finally returned from the printers, and will begin shipping out tomorrow!


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