Short Story Bonanza!

CJ_THF_Cover_SmallCandy Jar Books is pleased to announce the release of The HAVOC Files, the collected short stories of 2015, in print for the first time!

Throughout 2015 Candy Jar released free download-only short stories to accompany the range of novels, and now for the first time, after massive fan demand, are releasing them in print. The collection includes the stories:

Ambush by Andy Frankham-Allen, Legacies by Norma Ashley, One Cold Step by Andy Frankham-Allen, The Cult of the Grinning Man by Tom Dexter, The Dogs of War by Andy Frankham-Allen and The Fright Before Christmas by Tom Dexter.

As an added bonus the collection also includes a never-before-released story, The Enfolded Time by Andy Frankham-Allen, about which he says, “I did play with calling this one The Many Brigadiers, as we are in the unique position of being able to deal with the dating issue which plagued Lethbridge-Stewart’s time in Doctor Who. And, to break with tradition, this story is set outside the normal Lethbridge-Stewart narrative, taking place in 1990. It will, hopefully, prove to be a very different kind of story.”

And if one added bonus isn’t enough, Candy Jar is also giving away a brand-new pdf-only short story with every copy of The HAVOC Files purchased.

HFK_CJ_SmallIn His Kiss is written by best-selling author Sue Hampton and is set during Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart’s early days as a teenager in 1945. A haunting tale of lost love. Sue Hampton says, “It was exciting to get to know a young Alastair, haunted by his brother’s death and painfully in love for the first time. I really savoured the challenge of exploring beyond my comfort zone – and for the Brig-to-be, things are certainly anything but comfortable!”

Sue Hampton is the author of more than twenty novels for children and teenagers and two adult novels, including Thinner Than Water for Candy Jar Books. In 2013 Sue became an Ambassador for Alopecia UK.

The HAVOC Files will only be available as a strictly limited edition print run of 300 copies, available directly from the Candy Jar Bookstore. It will not be available for sale in any shop, on the high streets or the internet, and is due to become a collector’s item. PRE-ORDER now!

The HAVOC Files is now available for pre-order, for £8.99, directly from All pre-orders will receive In His Kiss upon order.

The new series of Lethbridge-Stewart begins in April with the release of Moon Blink by Sadie Miller. It can now be pre-ordered (individually, or as part of a bundle/subscription).