Beast of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen

A few thoughts on Beast of Fang Rock from blogger Mark Trap One.

Trap One


Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers head to Fang Rock when some students see an apparent spaceship crash at the lighthouse.

original“The Rock has become a tourist attraction?!”

Since the Doctor and Leela’s 1902 visit to the island in Horror of Fang Rock, the location has gained notoriety as the most haunted lighthouse in the British Isles. At the opening of Andy Frankham-Allen’s second Lethbridge-Stewart novel, Fang Rock has been opened to the public. Visitors can witness the disembodied voices and ghostly forms of those characters present during the Fourth Doctor’s adventure. The characters whose actions are replayed aboard the lighthouse are familiar enough to Doctor Who fans; and the way that visitors to Fang Rock can witness these scenes, but not record them, is rather like the experience of being a viewer in the pre-VCR days.


There are some superficial similarities with series nine’s Under the Lake and Before the Flood, with…

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