Let Slip the Dogs of War

Candy Jar Books are very pleased to announce their next free pdf-only incentive short story.

CJ_DOW_Cover_SmallEver since the release of the novel of Downtime in 1995, it’s been established that Lethbridge-Stewart met with Air Vice-Marshal Gilmore in the lead-up to the formation of UNIT. These events have never been dramatised… until now!

“The London Event was only the beginning, or so Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart believed. Until he was ordered to meet with Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore. It began in 1963 – for Gilmore, at least. But the alien codenamed Cosmic Hobo visited Earth a lot earlier than that.

“It’s not only Lethbridge-Stewart who wishes to learn the truth of these visits. He is being watched, and soon Lethbridge-Stewart and Gilmore find themselves in the deserted tunnels of the London Underground chased by a familiar furry form…”

To get this free pdf-only book, you simply need to pre-order the next title in the series, Mutually Assured Domination, direct from Candy Jar Books. Offer applies to all bundles.

Group Captain Gilmore first appeared in the 1988 television serial, Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovitch.

With thanks to Andrew Cartmel (script editor of Doctor Who 1987-1989). Cover design by Will Brooks.


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