It’s Still Out There

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The Web of FearIn 2013 Doctor Who fans all over the world celebrated the return of long-lost stories The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. But this wonderful event had one small problem to mar it; episode three of The Web of Fear was not among the found episodes.

Fans of Lethbridge-Stewart especially were, and remain, disappointed since episode three was the debut for Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (although they had to wait until the novelisation by Terrance Dicks [and latterly Lethbridge-Stewart:The Ambush by Andy Frankham-Allen, first published in Doctor Who Magazine] to see the first meeting between the colonel and the Doctor). It seemed a little suspicious that the one episode still missing was probably the most anticipated find of all.

But this past weekend Philip Morris (the man who returned the episodes to the BBC) revealed at the Pandorica convention that episode three of The Web of Fear was among the collection when he first located the missing stories. Alas, and somewhat mysteriously, by time the six-month negotiation was conlcuded, episode three had vanished. Morris believes that when word of the find was leaked out, an offer was made by a private collector.

So, there’s still some hope that Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart’s first appearance may be seen again. If and when the private collector breaks his/her silence.


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