The Colonel’s Familiar

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86884The Independent has a new reviewer for this series of Doctor Who, our very own Jonathan Cooper.

“The Doctor and Davros have always enjoyed a little chinwag, ever since they first crossed swords in 1975. Back then, the Doctor was all boggle eyes and big scarves, and Davros didn’t seem to be quite as sturdily constructed. Compared to a good majority of Doctor Who’s villains (for there’s little scope for enlightened debate when you’re yelling death threats) Davros is a conversationalist on a par with Gertude Stein. Whether they’re discussing hypothetical killer viruses or the trouble with kids, the Doctor and Davros’s little chats have been both a mainstay and a highlight of the series. The Witch’s Familiar, following on from last week’s hyperkinetic opener, put a lot of faith in the appeal of such dialogue, and what we ended up with was a morality play forty years in the making.”

Read the full review of this weekend’s episode, The Witch’s Familiar, HERE.


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