The Quark Invasion of Earth

Ever wondered what would happen should the Quarks come to Earth? Well, our friend Andrew Orton has created this wonderful video which uncovers the events preceding The Dalek Invasion of Earth and shows us just why the Quarks (and other one-hit Doctor Who monsters) never made it to Earth…

Hopefully, they’ll have more luck in the forthcoming Mutually Assured Domination


Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer

p02b58p3Here is it, finally after months of waiting the BBC have released the exciting trailer for series 9, which includes a transmission date. Among other treats, series 9 promises the return of the Brigadier’s old enemies the Zygons (who he encountered in the 1975 adventure, Terror of the Zygons), and, of course, his daughter Kate Lethbridge-Stewart returns with UNIT!

One Cold Step… For Free!

We’ve locked David A McIntee in a room to finish The Schizoid Earth undisturbed; in the meantime, we at Candy Jar Books offer you a free short story to set the scene… The story is set during The Schizoid Earth, and the days leading up to it, and features the return of both Anne Travers and her father, Professor Edward Travers, who has not been seen since 1968’s The Web of Fear.

In The Forgotten Son Anne Travers was last seen at the engagement party of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally Wright, and there she explained that she had to return to work at the Vault. While there, Lethbridge-Stewart also learned that Professor Travers was planning a return visit to the monastery at Det-Sen, only another member of the Travers’ family has something to say about that…

Download it HERE on pdf. (Subscribers to Top Secret Files will receive it by email automatically.)