Doctor Who Magazine #487

10628500_1042832985757173_2792274507980183194_nThe latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (issue #487) is now out! Why are we telling you this? For two reasons. One, it features a lovely feature by Steve Lyons about the various alien invasions of Earth in the Doctor Who universe — a topic about which the creators of the Lethbridge-Stewart series has had many discussions, set as the series is in a world before the majority of these ninety-two invasions (so far!). Over the course of our series we’ll be adding to this number. But what counts as an invasion? It’s something Lyons looks at, and well worth a read.

The second reason for us to draw your attention to the latest issue of the magazine is because our very first book (and, thus far, only available title, The Forgotten Son) get the DWM Review treatment. And what a sterling review it is. Mark Wright, the co-author on some the best Big Finish audio dramas (including the brilliant Forge series of stories), says this about the book; ‘Andy Frankham-Allen has provided a solid start to this series, his prose switching easily from character and action. He’s done a clever job of depicting characters and properties belonging to the estates of Haisman and Lincoln, while blowing discreet kisses to Doctor Who‘s past and even present. The Yeti, advancing webs and explosions, all lead to a very satisfying climax…’

Details on how to order The Forgotten Son can be found HERE, along with the option to pre-order the rest of our first ‘season’ of novels, including the upcoming book, The Schizoid Earth by David A McIntee.


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