Whatever Happened to… Anne Travers

Anne Travers, the forthright scientist daughter of Professor Edward Travers, first appeared in The Web of Fear, the creation of writers Mervyn Haisman & Henry Lincoln and based on Haisman’s wife, Vina. Anne was brought to life by actress Tina Packer. She made quite an impact on Doctor Who and, one can reasonably assume, the formation of UNIT, especially at the outset of the Pertwee years. The character of Liz Shaw certainly owes a lot to Anne Travers. With such a strong character, and the future return of Lethbridge-Stewart assisted by a smart female scientist, it’s a wonder why Anne Travers never returned to Doctor Who. Her only substantial return was in the novel Millennial Rites, set on the cusp of the year 2000, which saw her as the respected Dame Anne OBE. So, what happened to her after The Web of Fear? We know that four years later she was back in America with her father, his house being looked after by his old friend Professor Watkins. So, what happened in between? Readers of The Forgotten Son will already know she was retained by the British army, and sent to work in a secret vault in Northumberland. She returned to assist Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart against the Great Intelligence in Bledoe, and was last seen briefly at Lethbridge-Stewart’s engagement party.

She’s due to make a return in the next two Lethbridge-Stewart novels, The Schizoid Earth and Beast of Fang Rock (the latter of which is all about Anne and her family), with her becoming the co-lead of the series next year! Until then, why not take a peek at her stats HERE, and read a little extract below (and learn a little more about the origin of the Vault*)…



*first seen in The Scales of Injustice and used with kind permission of Gary Russell


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